Company Overview

Revelation. Company was formed based on a learned and recognized need in the healthcare IT consulting industry to bridge the communication gap as it relates to operationalizing healthcare technology and solutions. The industry is saturated with consulting firms providing healthcare technology experts to assist hospitals and provider networks with implementing and supporting clinical applications. Technical problems and solutions are easily identifiable. However, adaptive challenges involved with operationalizing those technical solutions are much more difficult. That’s where CadenTEC comes in. Our consultants leverage healthcare IT industry best practices, lessons learned, and years of experience to partner with hospital clinical, financial, and operational leaders to not only deliver, but “effectively” deliver a quality product and/or services.

Our Beliefs

Accountability. CadenTEC provides consulting staff that are experienced and knowledgeable. We work with our clients to identify measurable goals for the services we provide. All of our services include a customer satisfaction layer and accompanying communication to ensure our clients’ expectations were met.

Just the facts. At CadenTEC we believe that decisions made based on speculation can often produce a negative outcome. Understanding the clients’ need via communication, performing assessments, and analysis in advance of project execution, is a critical variable to overall success.

Personality. Collaborating and understanding the personality of our client organizations is an important one. The technology being implemented, such as an EHR version upgrade is the same from a technical perspective. However, each site is different. We pride ourselves at CadenTEC for identifying those differences early on, and making adjustments accordingly to avoid scope creep, unidentified project risks, unrealistic expectations, etc. Our Program/Project Management tool kit can be customized to ensure a successful implementation.

The Big Picture. Our experienced consultants encompass the knowledge and expertise in all areas and phases of software delivery. This includes technical, application build and testing, data migration strategies, clinical workflow, go-live support, application maintenance, project/program management. You can be assured that our consultants have a breadth of knowledge in many areas leaving no stones unturned.

Benefits Realized. Whether it is a financial or value return on investment (ROI), we take the extra time to ensure project benefits are identified early on; and then closing the loop with a benefits realization phase. It is one of our top priorities to ensure that our client partners are not only satisfied but feel that we exceeded their expectations.


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